Friday’s Soul

Photography by Ravshaniya
Friday feels the music in her soul
By Annette Marie Hyder
has slipped her feet
out of her shoes
is shaking her hair
to the funky groove.
Come on —
let’s dance!
Happy Friday! 

I knew it!

I knew I had more than just four sweaters to my name.

Jazzy came out of her bedroom with a large pile of clothing that she didn’t want anymore and I thought I would just take a peek through the things destined for a new home to make sure I didn’t want any of those things myself.

Well there they were, snuggled in the pile of no-longer-wanteds, a veritable rainbow of my favorite sweaters. There were boyfriend sweaters, the extra big sweaters that belonged to two previous boyfriends (those sweaters are now like woven hugs from those old boyfriends that I still care about but with whom things just didn’t work out romantically), the sweater that a friend hand-knit for me (soft as a feather), and I found — tucked under many inconsequential things — THE AQUA CASHMERE SWEATER.

That aqua cashmere sweater is my favorite, fits me like a long tunic and caresses me with its softness the whole time I wear it. I love to wear it with jeans and a great pair of slouchy boots, layer long necklaces over it and apply my eyeliner dark and sultry when I wear it.

Oh what’s that? It doesn’t fit me like a tunic any longer? It’s more of a fitted sweater, clinging to my curves for dear life and hitting my waist now instead of my knees? Jazzy laundered it and after removing it from the washer she put it in the DRYER? Sob!

Well life is all about finding the beauty in the unexpected and being adaptable to change, right? I’m gonna crop the aqua sweater even shorter and use it as a layer piece over a shirt or by itself, slipping off my shoulder and whispering of change on a warm spring night.

Wednesday is not knocking

Pura Lempuyang Door, Bali, Indonesia. Photography by Gophrette Power. 
Wednesday (and most days are like this) is not opportunity knocking at the door, but rather it is the door itself waiting for you to come on, come closer, and step through and over the threshold.
Happy Wednesday!

Cool beans!

Image courtesy of City Pages

Roundtable CW is coming to The Creative Enterprise Zone!

Roundtable CW will be opening a communal roasting space and offering coffee and pastry on Raymond Ave in early March.

From City Pages:

Coffee snobs, grab your mugs. Shawn Person, of Moonshine Coffee, is in the midst of readying a space at 2386 Territorial Road, near the corner of Raymond and University, to become a kind of community kitchen for the coffee roasting set.

Roundtable Coffee Works will have a storefront where you can stop in to get a serious cuppa joe and a bun, but its purpose will be deeper than simply setting up shop. Inspired by craft guilds and collaborative workspaces, Person is creating what he calls a coffee roasting manufactory — essentially a place that offers access to commercial roasting equipment along with guidance at whatever level is desired.

Roundtable will be one of the newest businesses to open along the Green Line LRT, in the Raymond District. In addition to whole bean sales, expect a limited menu that includes drip coffee, espresso, and pastries. Source
I love my neighborhood!

Image courtesy of

Steampunk pterodactyl dreams

The frozen voice of a steampunk pterodactyl cracking its screams open like eggs of despair on the jagged edges of the night woke me last night.

Haha! I had so much fun writing that sentence.

It was all screeching metal and city spanning wings with the darkest things of nightmares attendant in its train. I ran to the window to prove this apparition of fear that had reached with cold claws and pulled me from my sleep.

This is what I saw:

Underneath the nine inches of snow that recently fell, a thick layer of ice has been lurking. That truck is an ice-eater (I don’t know what it’s really called but that is what I am calling it) and the screams I heard in the night were the cries of it feeding. Bon appétit, ice-eater. Bon appétit!

Laura Rae Fuglestad was kind enough to share this short video she took of the ice-eater’s screams. Thank you, Laura Rae Fuglestad!
<a href="/files/8/7/2/2/4/151613-142278/”>Click here to view.