Wings, the care and maintenance thereof

Roberto Kusterle Photographic Fable
Hand Washed and Air-dried
By Annette Marie Hyder
(an allegory)

She had no idea she would become addicted to wings fashioned in every style and every color, amass a wardrobe of them, a fluttering army, and that her wings would get dirty and rumpled so quickly. No one told her they would be like lingerie in that they would need to be hand washed, shaken gently, and delicately air-dried.

Hanging them out was an easy thing. Taking them down was the challenge. There was something in the air itself, little particles of heaven and sunshine, that permeated the wings as they dried and gave them not only their great strength but their eagerness to fly.
Indeed, once they were dry it was all she could do to keep them in hand as she removed them from the line.
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