How to Deal with Liars

By Annette Marie Hyder
Bring a sharp whittling knife with you when you step out into the world.
Keep it on your person.
That way, when you come into contact/conversation with a liar
you can, without saying a word, indicate your disbelief
by whittling away at the tip of their Pinocchio nose.
As the lies flow and egregiously swell the aforesaid appendage
feel free to carve designs along the length of the proboscis.
It’s a good idea to also carry a polishing cloth with you.
When you are satisfied with your handiwork,
whip out the cloth and polish the liar’s nose to a high sheen.
Not only will this impart an attractive gleam
to the wooden prevarication indicator
but it will no doubt be of use to others
in identifying the liar from afar.
(NaPoWriMo day 2)