Heavy shouldered winter

“Heavy Winter Day” Surreal Photography by Caras Ionut

Winter Still Walks Brazenly

By Annette Marie Hyder
Winter still walks brazenly beneath the sky

here in Minnesota, muscles his way along the roads
leaving his spoor — potholes the size of mammoth feet,
also leaving flat tires, abandoned hubcaps,
and overheated cars.
They litter his wake like broken arrows,
bullets that missed their mark
and exhausted pack horses
who were unable to make it through the pass
of this bison faced weather.
This poem I am writing
about the massive head and forequarters,
the short curved horns, of winter,
is a word picture on the wall of my blog —
a cave painting of sorts.
(NaPoWriMo day 17, poem 17)
Last week, late in the day on Wednesday, my car overheated and I was stranded with my daughter Jasmine. My friend Romeo (my friend Jennifer’s S.O.) came and rescued us and fixed the car for us (the heater control valve had to be replaced). Well, now my car has overheated again and is being towed to Jake’s Quality Auto Repair as I type. It’s either the water pump or a blown gasket this time. I’ll keep you posted.
I am blaming you, thick-shouldered, overbearing, out-of-season winter — I am blaming you!

One thought on “Heavy shouldered winter

  1. It was the water pump

    This is a follow up to my Heavy shouldered winter post. My jeep is fixed and that’s all I’m going to say other than — may the goblins of car trouble stay far away from you!


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