Something beautiful for you to look at on this last Wednesday of April

The Underwater Fairytales of Andrea Franke, Snow White
I Woke
By Annette Marie Hyder
I woke in a strange and flowing land
sunk far below the sea.
My wooden floor had turned to sand
and it looked to me
that the curtains and wall hangings
had turned into seaweed…
(NaPoWriMo day 30, poem 30)
Underwater Fairytales, yes please!
This Conceptual Photography, via Fleur de Mal, is part of the ongoing project, The Sinking World of Andrea Franke.
From the press release:
“Plunge into the strange, surreal and mysterious world of award-winning visual artist Andreas Franke and experience his photographic Phantasy Fairytale underwater art exhibition at Huvafen Fushi and NIYAMA in the Maldives.
Each photographic piece has been submerged in the Indian Ocean and can be seen from inside the underwater music club Subsix at NIYAMA and inside the underwater LIME spa at Huvafen Fushi. Should you decide to purchase a piece to take home with you a percentage of proceeds will be donated to Per AQUUM’s Coral Regeneration Program. 
The exhibition magically combines photography, nautical exploration and digital mastery to produce compelling underwater dream worlds where Western fairytale characters are creatively superimposed against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean. Each photographic art piece evokes a feeling of folklore and magic with Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Star Money exhibiting at both NIYAMA and Huvafen Fushi, while the Snow Queen features exclusively at NIYAMA and The Last Unicorn features exclusively at Huvafen Fushi.”
FairytaleNewsBlog points out that the underwater algae and other microorganisms are encouraged to organically become part of the exhibits and that Andrea Franke is using the sea floor as his gallery. So love this!
You can read an interview with the artist and see videos of the project in the making at FairytaleNewsBlog.
I want to go! Don’t you?