Thursday riddle poem #16

By Annette Marie Hyder

I’ve been associated with wisdom, with value
and with flaw-birthed beauty.
I’m the prize that comes from adversity.
Imagine me, a Venus on a shell, born from a grain of sand
I come from the sea and I glow softly on land.
I’v been compared to the moon, coveted by kings.
String me or use me to stud your most favorite things.
I’m equally at home bedazzling your poem —
or topping a ring.
I’ve been dived for
thrown before
and crushed for use in cosmetics,
medicines, and in paint formulations.
My beauty is greatest when natural but still stuns
when it happens through human manipulation.
I am the orphan result
of an adaptive immune system-like function
and yet oddly, I seem to be naturally evocative of seduction.
What am I?
Take a guess!