Aka L.A.

Painting, “To Meet the Wind”, by Oleg Tchoubakov

It was Jasmine’s birthday yesterday. It’s hard to believe that this precious person is now 18 years old, a legal adult. I’ve started calling her “L.A.” as a nickname.

She has a scholarship to the College of Liberal Arts: University of Minnesota. She’ll be starting there this fall. I’m so proud of her! She is beautiful not only in her appearance but in her presence — she shines inside and out!

I know she will balance all the new things coming into her life with beauty of heart and grace of spirit. And I will be there for her too. My heart is full this weekend. Jasmine is part of the happiness I carry with me and right now I feel like that happiness has wings! ❤

Happy Birthday, Jasmine (aka L.A)!Here is your poem. ❤