The answer to Thursday riddle poem #19

Tunnel of Love in Ukraine via

Thursday riddle poem #19
By Annette Marie Hyder

I can Spock
a brow;
reverse ride the horns of any cow.
I can raise a cat’s back like a bridge;
make a perfect tunnel
in the middle of your feet.
I’m a basic fingerprint motif
and you inverse me when you smile
at someone you’re pleased to meet.

What am I?

An arch


By Annette Marie Hyder

I like the depths
of you
the deeps
where gills blossom
spontaneously behind my ears
and I have sea anemone
blushed cheeks
and I can breathe in
the mermaid making sum of you
permeating me.

The longest day draws in her breath

By Annette Marie Hyder
Midsummer’s Eve, 2014

and blows out her golden light
and in the ensuing darkness
a myriad stars are switched on
to blaze on Midsummer’s Eve.

The daylight kissed every living thing
a blessing to shine all summer long
but the moon and starlit night
embraces the living and the dead
in shimmering ghostlight song.

Hope your summer solstice was beautiful.
Happy Monday!

Angel With a Limp

By Annette Marie Hyder

Angel with a limp,
yeah, fallen from heaven
busted a few things
on your way down.

Angel with wings made
only from shadows
but I can still see them.
Don’t ask me how.

Angel with the crooked smile
and hands full of losing grace
you can stay with me
but just for a while.

Angel, my angel,
I will clothe you in halo
and feathers,
hold you till morning,
heaven’s exile.