Sunday Things: Father’s Day 2014

From Thomas the Rhymer (retold by Mary MacGregor, 1908) “Under the Eildon tree Thomas met the lady,” illustration by Katherine Cameron

The sky is green like your eyes and full of storms,
By Annette Marie Hyder
Father’s Day Eve 2014

lightning and thunder and rain.
And thoughts of you cascade
in lime colored diamonds
rattling my windowpanes.
Wild calls with her siren song
her voice wind-raspy as she moans out my name.
She rides bareback and her hands are laced
in her horse’s feral mane.
What I think of
on a tempestuous night like this
is of you and your robin-breast hair
how I’d love to run out and ride the storm with you
a father and daughter pair.

Larger than life

Sometimes my father seems like a figure in a fairy tale to me — the youngest son seeking adventure and with words following him like birds singing to him as they wing their way through the forest air. And there are always raindrops in this fairy tale — even if they are only the murmur of little storms following his steps and splashing at his feet.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad. He died when I was four years old but I carry him with me in my heart. ❤

❤ And happy Father's Day to you! ❤

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