Friday Is a Green Door

Photo via

Friday is a green door
with purple petals strewing the steps that lead to it.
Moss whispers that there is mystery on the other side
and wild climbs (like a vine) the walls that bookend the door.
Leaves sing my favorite song (besides rainsong) — sussuration
and ask if you have brought your key.

Happy Friday! 🙂

A Pocket Full of Rain

Conceptual Photography by Brooke Shaden

By Annette Marie Hyder

They clung to her like soft overgrown bats,
her worries.
she kept them close
tucked under her arms sometimes
carrying them by their handles
and sometimes she held them over her head
a hideous hat if I may say.
She was prepared
for whatever storms might come her way.
But then one day
a real storm came
and she threw every black silken concern away.
She watched them tumble off into the clouds
like spoked tumbleweeds
as she began to understand that she could not dance
with rain or sing with thunder
with all her worries in the way.

She Had a Great Handshake

By Annette Marie Hyder

She had a great handshake.
Everybody told her so
commented on its firmness
and its perfect ratio
of connection/confidence.
Her secret was
she never held back.
She always pressed a little
piece of gumption into their palms.
It was her calling card.

I have begun to dream of numbers

I dream of numbers, but not in that genius mathematician way where numbers are beautiful symbols, keys really, to unlocking the secrets of the universe. These numbers are not metaphors creating poetry beyond the grasp of normal folk like me. No. I dream of the addresses I am sorting, shuffling, assigning a place to in my letter carrier universe. I find myself amused that the numbers of the house addresses I have been marrying to the mail I carry throughout the day should have their say, intrude on my sleeping self and be mundane and significant at the same time to me. Sixty-two-hundred-thirty-three, I think. Sixty-two-hundred-thirty-three, I think repetitively and wake with a piece of mail in my hand that only my dreaming mind could see.

Places the Mail Took Me #1

dragonmailFrom the “Places the Mail Took Me” series by Annette Marie Hyder

“Speak politely to an enraged dragon.” — J.R.R. Tolkien

Places the Mail Took Me is a new series inspired by the things I see on the various routes I am working as a letter carrier. When you think of me out there delivering the mail, know that not even dragons can keep me from doing my job! What you see here is a detail from a photo of a dragon ornamented fence. You should have seen the mailbox! 😉

The Children of Dedal, Pavel Mirchuk Photography

“When I dream of flying, I never just throw myself onto the air. I always coax the wind into my arms. It is not important how strong my arms are or with what manner of thing they are fletched. It is always the way of holding my arms that counts — the fluid trailing of my body after the wind cradled in my arms — and knowing when to let go and just…glide.” Lyssa of the Arboreal Shades from the Night Fairytales series by Annette Marie Hyder.