March 31st, 2015

I stayed up WAY too late last night which made me hit the snooze button (3 times!), which made me need help getting out the door on time for work this morning, which necessitated Jas making me coffee and packing me a lunch today to save me time.
Jas was a little disgruntled at being woken so early but made my lunch nonetheless. 🙂

Me, seeing that Jas made me a PB&J sandwich, “Did you give it a love pat?”
Jas “I gave it a swat.” Lol!

I am enjoying the cool air kissing my cheeks while I feast on sunshine and my love-swatted PB&J. 😉

Transparency in rain, transformative reflections

1466209_368237076684681_7964679331292462100_n (1)

Diphylleia grayi, colloquially called umbrella leaf, is an American-native plant. Its flowers possess petals that become transparent in the rain, looking like glass flowers. In my imagination I can hear their petals ringing with each raindrop, like the rims of wineglasses responding to touch.

Seeing them transform, through the process of experiencing rain, from beautiful to beautiful-on-a-fairy-tale-level, makes me reflect on the transformative power our experiences can have on us. I love rain and I like the thought that something I love (many more things than just rain of course) can wash away the everyday and and create windows — for the light to get in.

Photo via NOIZM


Sunglints hitch a ride on snowflakes falling softly,
cause them to sparkle like earring-sized disco balls,
like lapel pins for brownies; crown jewels for a Clara crown.
looking like a miniature goddess left her jewelry box unattended
and every fairy with mischievous hands and a magpie eye for bright
pilfered her box and showered her gems to the ground.
— Annette Marie Smith