Wednesday’s Child

Wednesday’s child had a name and really resented being referred to in so nondescript a manner as someone’s progeny.
And being described as “Full of Woe”? Way to label someone and create negative expectations and destructive self-fulfilling prophecy.

Her cousins were also treated in this minimizing manner but she had to think that they couldn’t complain as much as she with sobriquets like:

“Fair of Face”
“Full of Grace”
“Has Far To Go”
“Loving and Giving”
“Works Hard For a Living”
and of course
“Fair and Wise and Good In Every Way”.

She would always roll her eyes when she came to “Fair and Wise and Good in Every Way”.
I did manage to ask her what she would have named herself. What would she like to be called by?
And that is why I always refer to her as Potential, with a capital P.
— Annette Marie Smith
(Poem #9 National Poetry Month)