What if the passion in your soul

Amazing photo by Reggie Deanching used with kind permission of Alfie Gordillo

What if the passion in your soul
were visible in patterns tattooed onto your skin?
What if you wore your authenticity
like jeans as flattering as sin?
What if the warrior within you
put armor in the form of muscles
along every point of view?
If a Muse put it all together
on a bike in bright sunshine
she’d create a manifestation
of beautiful power
that is in every detail
just like you.
— Duende by Annette Marie Smith

Bawaajige Nagwaagan

Image via Tumblr(dot)com

This Friday is a dream snare
with feathers woven in her hair
willow hoops as bracelets and anklets
and beads tattooed along the sinews of her thighs
and she has promised
to let only the good things through for you
on this dreamy day of the week.
She is with you until the sun rises on Saturday
and then she will fade into the shadows on your pillow,
take the bad dreams with her
but leave the good ones for you.
— Dreamcatcher by Annette Marie Smith

Sleeping With the Windows Open

Image via Tumblr(dot)com

Sleeping with the windows open
the shadows on the wall
and the shifting slanting light
coalesce into dreams
spun with bird song and train whistle alike.
I pull blanket-nets over my head
to catch those dreams leaping like salmon
back into the river Hypnos
and the cold air is like a mother’s voice
telling me to get up
and make something of my day.
The white cat of sleep winks once
and disappears.
— Annette Marie Smith

How Sea Angels Came To Be, a Fairytale

Photo from the book “Ocean Drifters: A Secret World Beneath the Waves”. Photo and book by Dr. Richard Kirby.

The angels cried
when they saw the way that the water clove to the earth
the way that even though the water left
it always returned again,
the mystery of the water’s caress that filled the world with sighs
of wonder, of pleasure
and their tears, as they fell, became part of the symphony
of oneness between those two, the water and the world
and took on form and shape akin to the angels who had cried them.
The tears fluttered sea wings and flew in the deep, deep sea.
— By Annette Marie Smith

Happy Mother’s Day!

“Mother and Child” painting by Gustav Klimt

“Years and years after a woman has delivered a child, she continues to carry vestiges of that child in her body. I’m talking about tangible vestiges now, not memories. Stray cells from a growing fetus circulate through a woman’s body during pregnancy … Scientists have found fetal cells surviving in the maternal bloodstream decades after the women have given birth to their children The cells didn’t die; they didn’t get washed away. … A mother, then, is forever a chimera, a blend of the body she was born with and of all the bodies she has borne.” — Woman: An Intimate Geography by Natalie Angier


So say there really (I mean literally) was an antediluvian world: a time before the biblical flood when there was no rain. Wouldn’t you want to thank all those sinners for provoking such a turbulent response, such a storm of emotion, that the angels of punishment were ordered to stop holding back the waters of the flood? Wouldn’t you want to thank the sinners and the angels alike for letting rain, something that had never happened before, into the world?
Every leaf and blossom and twig, every natural thing and every thing made by human hands has felt the kiss of rain, the bliss of rain, the touch of consequences forever intermixed with promises. I am just sayin’, I love the rain.