Alex, magic, light and love

heart of the sea
Image via Lena Clark Duncan

I lost a friend recently to death and I have been thinking about the conversations I will never have with him now (he was a great conversationalist), how charming and debonair he was, how smart and handsome and also how strange to this world. Always a little odd and different, someone who dabbled in magic and elegantly flaunted magic’s accouterments and props: a cane, a hat he wore with style, tarot cards and even batons of fire to spin flame through the night in feats of juggling.

He was a gentle soul and always, to me, he seemed to be searching for something just out of reach, always out of reach — even with all the many ways there are in this world of reaching for things.

This photo makes me think of him, blue for the magic and the sea for enchantment, and the heart shaped rock for the way that he will not be forgotten, will always be loved, by me and by so many others. I will always think of him restlessly turning like the waves of the sea and reaching like the light shining on it for something ineffable but most assuredly there. — Annette Marie Smith