Sunday Things: Catalyst

Let your anger shine off of you like a well-earned sweat.
Let it oil your limbs for mighty endeavors
like that of hoisting sexism by its dirty neck
and throwing it like the piece of garbage it is
into the fire of purification.
Then take the ashes and give them to the restless sea
to mouth and gum over with constant chewing
and further breaking down and dispersing.
Let the fire-burned and sea-disintegrated ugly thing be so transformed
as to become a grain of sand, many grains of sand,
numberless grains of sand,
the likes of which could endlessly carpet a never-ending sea.
Let the grains of sand each become the impetus
for change in the hearts of the monsters
that lie all along the bottom of said seas.
These oysters shall be made to produce beauty
from the fine dust of your anger,
pearls of chafe and change that shine luminescently.
— Annette Marie Smith