New Year’s Blessing¬†

winter blessing
Photographer unknown

I wish you renewal, an evergreen forest with lofty branches
that dance in the winds of the sky,
intensity, the color of red berries,
sugared with snow and sparkling with ice,
forgiveness, a tabula rasa like sheets of snow
as far as your eyes can see.

May your green trees be covered in flowers
that look like white gift bows
and may the petals from those white flowers fall and fall (as you rub your eyes)
covering everything
as if they are being shaken from the sky,
leaving snow petals, a huge bouquet
that fills up the frosty vase
of your new year window.– Annette Marie Smith

Sumac and Mastic Be Dull


The noise of guttle and cram that he wore about him like a great helmet fashioned from every type of eating utensil up to and including dirty fingers and the rudest elbows ever to be found repulsed me.

I yearned for your quiet ways, clean and kind and always, although it looked like you were eating all that you had, giving, I would find later, most of your own away.

I would rather share one mingled breath with you than a pannychis with full flight of stuffed swan, rivers of excess for drink, and every exotic condiment beyond saffron, cardamom, and myrtle to taunt a tongue, with him. — Sumac, Mastic, and Star Anise Be Dull When I Am Not With You, by Annette Marie Smith