Happy last Sunday of March 2016!

floral installation
Flower Installation by Rebecca Louise Law

On a day like today
Angels dance, not on pin heads,
But rather on flower pistils.

Flowers fall, streaking the cathedral-like vastness of Rebecca Louise Law’s suspended floral instalation and I am struck by the beauty of falling itself embodied in these meteors of color and the way that falling mimics flight.

The roses and gardenias, phlox and dandelions, the named flowers and blooms unknown, all suggest to me in their myriad petals streaking against the sky of the exhibit, rain.

Rain at first but then my perception shifts and raindrops become planets tumbling through space. They fall gracefully in their heavenly art installation exhibit, weave a curtain of beauty through which I can see the suggestion of other, even more beautiful, things. — Annette Marie Smith

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