What the Feathers Carried

What the feathers carried —
cries in the voice of eagles
of the power of numbers
and trills fainter than hummingbirds
fluttering of singularity
bespeaking that even alone these feathers
they lift mountains
of belief upon their backs
mountains that float
just like hope
on imagination’s airways
they fly
high enough to touch the sky
of infinity
and so they carry
forever on their wings. — Annette Marie Smith

National Poetry Month, Day 11

Walk through doorways
let limens have their way with you.
Time after time
reset your mind.
There is something world shaking/
thought breaking
in crossing thresholds.
Science suggests it is because of the way our minds work
but I think it is also our souls
recognizing in each doorjammed migration
the microcosm of creation
rising from chaos
like a sunrise clothed as Aphrodite
dripping from the sea
(and eager to play god/dess in reordering
our internal and in consequence our external world). — Annette Marie Smith