Happy last Sunday of March 2016!

floral installation
Flower Installation by Rebecca Louise Law

On a day like today
Angels dance, not on pin heads,
But rather on flower pistils.

Flowers fall, streaking the cathedral-like vastness of Rebecca Louise Law’s suspended floral instalation and I am struck by the beauty of falling itself embodied in these meteors of color and the way that falling mimics flight.

The roses and gardenias, phlox and dandelions, the named flowers and blooms unknown, all suggest to me in their myriad petals streaking against the sky of the exhibit, rain.

Rain at first but then my perception shifts and raindrops become planets tumbling through space. They fall gracefully in their heavenly art installation exhibit, weave a curtain of beauty through which I can see the suggestion of other, even more beautiful, things. — Annette Marie Smith

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Selkie Shift

Dress of Paper by Annette Marie Smith
I wore a dress made of paper
It rustled when I walked. You were the wind
pulling at it, creeping with fingers of cold
trying to get under my skin.
I came dressed in mud, painted obscure as night.
You were the chain that pulled on the light.
I wore birdsong
and dawn was a crown in my hair.
You came with a lawnmower and blade-spread
feathers everywhere.
I took off my skin and wore spirit to escape you
but you stole my skin like I was a selkie
making me feel I could never go home
would always be prisoned with you.
— Why I Left When I Could by Annette Marie Smith

Inner world


Italian artist Giuseppe Penone removed the growth rings on a tree to reveal the tree at a younger age. Photo via Inverse
This speaks to me of how we all carry our younger selves within us. Some can access this inner child by walking through the forest of themselves. Leaves tremble, the wind stirs many branches. Glass birds, their throat feathers ruby, diamond, and sapphire, sing. A susurrus of memories moves through the woods and suddenly, there you are, on the path meeting yourself.

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