Cool beans!

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Roundtable CW is coming to The Creative Enterprise Zone!

Roundtable CW will be opening a communal roasting space and offering coffee and pastry on Raymond Ave in early March.

From City Pages:

Coffee snobs, grab your mugs. Shawn Person, of Moonshine Coffee, is in the midst of readying a space at 2386 Territorial Road, near the corner of Raymond and University, to become a kind of community kitchen for the coffee roasting set.

Roundtable Coffee Works will have a storefront where you can stop in to get a serious cuppa joe and a bun, but its purpose will be deeper than simply setting up shop. Inspired by craft guilds and collaborative workspaces, Person is creating what he calls a coffee roasting manufactory — essentially a place that offers access to commercial roasting equipment along with guidance at whatever level is desired.

Roundtable will be one of the newest businesses to open along the Green Line LRT, in the Raymond District. In addition to whole bean sales, expect a limited menu that includes drip coffee, espresso, and pastries. Source
I love my neighborhood!

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