Where bananas go to die

Image Annette Marie Hyder

A friend suggested that instead of throwing bananas away when they start to turn brown and mushy, I freeze them and use them in smoothies. This same friend also suggested that I could place frozen bananas in a food processor and use them to make banana bread. I loved these two ideas and immediately started implementing the awesomeness of not wasting food and being stocked ahead of time to prepare culinary treats.

I’m sure that this freeze-and-use approach worked for my friend (in fact I had some of his delicious freezer-banana-bread) and it probably works for others too.

My banana freezing, however, took an unwelcome turn in that I did not use the bananas that I had made the effort to freeze. I didn’t like to throw them away after they were frozen either — that just seemed like such a waste and a depletion of my future stores of banana muffins, bread and smoothies. And so they stayed. They lingered on in my freezer in their state of limbo and their numbers increased. They multiplied until I realized with a shudder this morning, looking into the banana crypt, that I was banana hoarding!

So I am sending my bananas on to more fruitful endeavors (another friend’s compost heap), setting them free of their arctic prison.

Photo Annette Marie Hyder

Where bananas go to die
Annette Marie Hyder

They start out, their hopes so high —
to be scattered, like petals, on cereal or in pie
to be companion to flowers in still-life grouping
to dazzle confetti-like in strawberry Jello ring.
They long to complement smoothies and PB&Js,
or hang alone on a banana stand — fruitastic display.

They reach for things that should be so.
They never dream they will get old
brown where once they boasted gold
soft where firmness used to show.
Where the banana splits of yore
the snuggling atop pancakes like before?

They have no clue that they will end
in the big ice box in the sky
the place bananas go to die.

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