Happy Friday!

Surreal photograhy by Diggie Vit

❤ Friday is here to set you free. ❤

"Photographer Diggie Vitt plays with visual improbabilities in his growing collection of surreal photography and self-portraits.

The 22-year-old creative, who hails from Jacksonville, Florida, recently wrapped up an incredible 365 photography project that further encouraged himself to translate his imagination into enchanting and, at times, eerie images." — Rebloggy(dot)com

Bawaajige Nagwaagan

Image via Tumblr(dot)com

This Friday is a dream snare
with feathers woven in her hair
willow hoops as bracelets and anklets
and beads tattooed along the sinews of her thighs
and she has promised
to let only the good things through for you
on this dreamy day of the week.
She is with you until the sun rises on Saturday
and then she will fade into the shadows on your pillow,
take the bad dreams with her
but leave the good ones for you.
— Dreamcatcher by Annette Marie Smith

Transparency in rain, transformative reflections

1466209_368237076684681_7964679331292462100_n (1)

Diphylleia grayi, colloquially called umbrella leaf, is an American-native plant. Its flowers possess petals that become transparent in the rain, looking like glass flowers. In my imagination I can hear their petals ringing with each raindrop, like the rims of wineglasses responding to touch.

Seeing them transform, through the process of experiencing rain, from beautiful to beautiful-on-a-fairy-tale-level, makes me reflect on the transformative power our experiences can have on us. I love rain and I like the thought that something I love (many more things than just rain of course) can wash away the everyday and and create windows — for the light to get in.

Photo via NOIZM

Like the sheerest gossamer you’ve ever seen

Surreal photography by Chiara Fersini

This Friday is ready to shed the pale things of winter
By Annette Marie Hyder
to trade them like wampumpeag —
the small beads of cold things beautiful as bone
and carrying the sea song of beings
once clad in shell and versant with the deeps —
for light that can be cupped right in her hands
and blown, like lit up dandelions
to fall — sprinkled like flowers blown on the wind
to catch and twist in her tumbling hair.
The wind has a mouth as well as a voice
and she wants to feel the wind’s lips play all over her
as she lets her hair fly in the breeze
and she tries on the sun.
She pulls the sunlight
like the sheerest gossamer shift you’ve ever seen
over her head
letting it slide down over curves, valley,
peaks and smoothness,
to skim above her feet.
She gathers it in bunches in her fists
and runs.
(NaPoWriMo day 11, poem 11)
Happy Friday! ❤

This Friday has butterfly tresses

Bye Bye Butterfly Digital Artwork by Catrin Welz-Stein
Friday is using her long curly hair
By Annette Marie Hyder
as a butterfly net
to catch all of the fluttering fun
and then
she will shake her hair out and set the butterflies back
on their ephemeral course
of  starlight and butterfly kisses.
Happy Friday!

Come fly away with me

Surreal photography by Ilya Kisaradov
Come Fly Away With Me
By Annette Marie Hyder

This Friday is upending all the cages
like salt and pepper shakers
setting all the things inside to flutter
out and free.

And sometimes she uses her pinky finger.
She slots it into keyholes and turns it like a key.
Friday knows that no matter how pretty or shiny,
no matter the gilding art or fee,
a cage is still a prison
so she wants to open every door
and set all the caged things free.

When she opens the door to yours
come fly away with me.

Happy flying!