The Dust to Settle

The dust will never settle
from that great explosion
of terror and grief.
No it will never settle.
But is it too hopeful to think
that the dust will one day augment
the colors of sunsets
wherein the particle filled air is charged
with beauty captured like shining souls,
or the memory of such,
in stained glass windows
through which we see
those we loved and lost
gesturing us to move on —
feel the streams of light and dust
intermingling as if in a dance
of release and beatitude
swirling, swirling in dervish dazzle
that moves us to our knees? — Annette Marie Smith

47th Anniversary of the Moon Landing


Oh moon,
we have loved you so much
that it was not enough
for us to open our windows for your light to stream through
and conversely bar them against you.
It was not enough for us to tilt and sway on oceans moving to the rhythm of you
but we also internalized your wild music in the rhythms of our bodies.
We have painted our greatest works of art
with your colors, lambent, secret, and silver,
given you the creditblame for our insanity
and love. We have always admitted that love comes
shyly on moonlit feet
and thunderously like the opposite of eclipse.
We have longed for you in such a way
that crossing the darkest and deepest ocean
of space
was something, just one of many things,
that we would moonstruckingly do
for you. — Annette Marie Smith

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


Martin Luther King’s words and acts have planted themselves in our collective psyche. They continue to grow and bear fruit in his influence on our worldview and to loosen the soil of prejudice in even the hardest, driest riverbeds of souls.

His legacy is a mighty river that waters us well, singing through our very souls. That river continues to carry us forward and to sing, deeply, movingly, its own (and our) river song.

I continue to be most inspired by those who live their lives in accordance with the principles of equality, love, and giving that Martin Luther King personifies.

Thank you, Martin Luther King, thank you today and every day!

March is Women’s History Month

Image courtesy Patricia Saxton Studio

Happy Women’s History Month!
And, not to make it all about me, but March is also the month I was born. It pleases me to have my birth month coincide with National Women’s History Month.
It could have been penguins, or limes, or mimes, or get-to-work-on-time that was being celebrated this month. Penguins are cute and limes are delicious (especially in margaritas!). Getting to work on time is a good and necessary thing. Mimes? I am sure nothing needs to be said where mimes are concerned. Women who have made their mark on history for the win!
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Happy Día de Muertos!

Photography by retrotrashphotography on deviantart

Day of the Dead
By Annette Marie Hyder

They say the heavens open up
and the souls of the dead pour forth
and visit those on earth —
a spirit rain of loved ones to refresh
the lands of the hearts
of those who’ve been left behind.

The polishing of bones —
fingers handling bones much the way
that our thoughts touch memories —
reveals the simple beauty that sometimes
is mistaken for severity
and speaks not only to the strength
of hidden things
but also to a beneficent serenity.

So build an altar of marigolds,
shape candles of illumination
from the tears that bead your eyes.
Chant the names and memories
of loved ones who have gone ahead
by being reverent with
your every living breath.

Happy Friday!

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