❤ I am a restaurant leaver, a movie abandoner, a book-putter-downer, a vanisher, and I don’t intend to change. I am polite but committed to the leaving I do. I am not just looking to avoid toxic situations and/or people, I am rejecting that which is not right for me.

Here’s to, in 2016, more walking away from the wrong (for me) things and TOWARDS the rights. And may you do so too! ❤

Lake Song LDW

The water’s music sighs against my inner ear
its ghost voice singing faintly
of weeds and mud
of stones and bones
of a ‘primordial soup’ I dip my toe into
from the side of your boat
(a soup that nibbles on me with its many mouths
as I drink it all in, the lake, its fish, its mosquitoes,
even this far from shore.)
But it’s not this noisy quietude
not whippoorwill nor splash of trout
that whispers in my ear the best.
It’s you.
Far away from the shore of the norm
I am rocked by you
as if I am the small boat
suspending us both
over a tributary of wonder. — Annette Marie Smith

Happy Mother’s Day!

“Mother and Child” painting by Gustav Klimt

“Years and years after a woman has delivered a child, she continues to carry vestiges of that child in her body. I’m talking about tangible vestiges now, not memories. Stray cells from a growing fetus circulate through a woman’s body during pregnancy … Scientists have found fetal cells surviving in the maternal bloodstream decades after the women have given birth to their children The cells didn’t die; they didn’t get washed away. … A mother, then, is forever a chimera, a blend of the body she was born with and of all the bodies she has borne.” — Woman: An Intimate Geography by Natalie Angier

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


Martin Luther King’s words and acts have planted themselves in our collective psyche. They continue to grow and bear fruit in his influence on our worldview and to loosen the soil of prejudice in even the hardest, driest riverbeds of souls.

His legacy is a mighty river that waters us well, singing through our very souls. That river continues to carry us forward and to sing, deeply, movingly, its own (and our) river song.

I continue to be most inspired by those who live their lives in accordance with the principles of equality, love, and giving that Martin Luther King personifies.

Thank you, Martin Luther King, thank you today and every day!

Aillte Bána

By Annette Marie Hyder
St. Patrick’s Day 2014

The sound of rain swept into my consciousness this morning

bringing with it thoughts of you to waken me
from walking along the steep white cliffs of sleep.
There was not one blade of green to be seen
as far as the eye could see on the endless cliffs of dream
but I saw the full St. Patrick’s day moon far out on the horizon
poised between the heavens and the sea
and I felt the rustle of emerald grass
whole hillsides shivered and sparkled like glass
in the island of my heart as the rain fell this morning
and I awoke to thoughts of you and me.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
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