Sunday Things: Facing Feminism interview in SPACES

SPACES is an online literary and art magazine. The editor, Mary Carrol-Hackett, contacted me with an interest in profiling me and the Facing Feminism project. What an honor!

The profile is in the section Pastiche, Hybrids, and Amalgams, a section that Mary Carrol-Hackett says she created for all the ‘magical work being done out there that seems to defy more standard categorization’.

I really enjoyed the interview process with interviewer, Austin Eichenberg, and feel grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this outstanding publication.

Once you’ve read the profile and interview, check out the rest of this wonderful issue that includes a profile on Kris Dresen, an Eisner-nominated comics artist and writer
living in Chicago, poetry by Jan Beatty, the author of four poetry collections published by the University of Pittsburgh Press, cohost and producer of Prosody, a public radio show on NPR affiliate WESA-FM, and Closet Space, with Katherine Sloan and Angie Sloan who say “Fashion isn’t just about pretty clothes. It’s art. It’s
the masks we wear, the transformations we make, the inner-self that
meets the outer self. It’s using red lipstick as war paint and coming
out of the closet—figuratively and literally—while embracing your inner
And much, much more.

Check it all out here.