Messenger god along the road

From the “Places the Mail Took Me” series by Annette Marie Smith

Letters hold small spirits of their senders
bright in the form of thoughts, ideas, emotions.
Guiding these spirits from one person’s world to another’s
are letter-carrier-psychopomps
who steer Charon paper boats
fragile on the river Distance
and the thrashing Angeliafóros sea. — Annette Marie Smith

Surpassing the Joneses


Homeowner’s pride manifests itself in many ways. Delivering the mail allows me to see an abundant diversity in style approach. These bowling balls lining the walkway to the entrance of this home must have seemed a unique and signature statement.

But then of course there is always THAT neighbor, the one who has to copy your bowling ball idea by scattering them around their own yard and then they go and add a white horse — up in a tree — as their fantastical response to your whimsicality.