This was me earlier

Poster by Gil Elvgren

Ha-ha! Just kidding! I had to go out into the bitterly cold weather and I had a full 2-piece ski jacket on over my sweater and jeans, thick socks and warm boots AND a humongous neon yellow jacket (given to me by a friend I used to work with) over the top of the ski jacket. Ski cap, scarf, and gloves completed this un-Elvgren ensemble. But I was warm and I did not care what anyone thought. So where did I have to go in the (below freezing) cold snow?

I’m glad you asked. I’ve been having a tight time financially and I am not one to complain and in fact have not blogged about it previously. However, I am mentioning it now because it is pertinent to my many-layered foray into the cruel elements and to my destination.

Pinching pennies did not leave my fingers free to purchase anything to go beneath our tree this holiday season (or in our stockings). But we, my daughter and I, were not crushed by this because we know it’s not material things that matter anyway and we can make things for each other. And there are others who are having a harder time than we are. We have plenty to eat, a roof over our heads, warmth in our home, and transportation that does not involve the words ‘public’ (not that there’s anythng wrong with public transportation but I am mighty glad not to be waiting for a bus in this weather!) or ‘snow-bike’.*

Back to me and my multi-layered and purposeful stride out into the snow on the day before Christmas. Last Friday I called in to the myTalk 107.1 radio station hoping to be the 7th caller for a $100 gift card to the Rosedale Mall.


So that is why I had to roll (yes, I have to admit it was more of rolly-polly gait than a purposeful stride) out into the biting cold. I had to get to the radio station before 4:00 pm to get the card to have it in time to GO TO THE MOVIES with Jazzy on Christmas day. Yes. I can use that card to buy tickets to the movies, go out to dinner, anything really that you can want or do at the mall for under $100. How cool is that? I’m thinking Frozen (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) will be the movie of choice.

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

*You probably don’t know this if you haven’t lived in Minnesota but Minnesotans actually — I am not making this up — ride their bicycles in the snow and ice and sleet. It is a point of insane pride on their part.