Thousands and possibly millions of websites hosted by were down Monday

Out of Reach, Rob Dobi at

Sorry you couldn’t reach me!

My site is hosted by and crashed right along with all the others. News reports:

“Domain registrar and hosting company GoDaddy is experiencing outages
that could potentially affect millions of websites. The issues were
first noticed around 10 a.m. PT and have been intermittent since then, a
spokesperson for GoDaddy told CBS News. The outages have impacted their site as well as those belonging to customers.

The publication notes that calls to GoDaddy customer support are being
redirected to a voice message stating they are aware of the situation
and that it involves multiple services including email and web hosting.
The message further suggests that customers keep an eye on their
official Twitter feed for additional updates.

A member of hacker group Anonymous is already claiming responsibility
for the attack according to some accounts reportedly linked to the
group. @TibitXimer tweeted earlier: “Basically, every GoDaddy site on the planet just crashed.”” Read the entire article here.

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Check to see if a website or service is down for everyone or just you:
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Mom is tech savvy now and I miss her cell phone voicemail innocence

Lucile Ball image: Public Domain

Mom’s messages

I miss the way that my mom used to leave messages on my cell phone voicemail. Accustomed to leaving messages on an answering machine, her messages would go like this:

“Hello? This is
Mother. If you’re there, pick up the phone.”
 (Pause to allow me to pick up the phone.)
“Can you hear me? Hello?
Pick up the phone if you’re there, Annette.”
(Another patient pause to allow me to access the phone.)
” Hello?” Then, in an aside to
Stanley, her husband, “I don’t think she can hear me.”
(Sound of phone call being ended.)

I wish I had saved one of those recordings. So cute!

Spring forward

She called last night and left a flawlessly executed message on my cell phone voicemail reminding me to “spring forward” this weekend. So I’m passing the reminder along.

Beautiful extra hour of sleep, you too will be missed!

No Nookie for you this holiday season

If you haven’t already ordered the Nook, then you can take it off your shopping list until next year. The new e-reader from Barnes & Noble (BKS) has already sold out,and more won’t be available until November of 2010.

In a statement, the company said, “While we increased production based on the high consumer interest, we’ve sold out of our initial Nook allotment available for delivery before the holidays.” If you still want to give the device as a holiday gift, Barnes & Noble will give you a gift certificate to tide the recipient over until the device itself comes around.

What a missed opportunity for Barnes & Noble. Misreading the demand for the Nook will no doubt result in consumers turning to the Kindle to satisfy their hand-held-reading-device needs.

A Kindle in the hand is much more satisfying than what amounts to a promissory note to redeem a Nook in the future.


The Tumblr proposal heard ’round the Internet

Via Gawker, this:

The Tumblr Proposal That Every Internet Geek You Know is Talking About

Last night Justin Johnson gave all the hopeless romantics on tumblr something to “aww” over: He took over every tumblr user’s dashboard to propose to girlfriend Marissa Nystrom using a video he made about the six years they’d been together.

Marissa, will you marry me? from justin on Vimeo.


It looks like she said yes — Congrats to Marissa and Justin ❤

Head out the window vs. iPhone weather app

I groaned this morning when I saw, on my iPhone weather app, that it was 8 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I couldn’t believe it! Sure, I live in Minnesota but October is way too early for a cold like that.

I told my daughter, “Better bundle up baby, it’s cold outside!” So we bundled and bulked and larded ourselves with layers against the cold. We topped our layers off with hats and gloves and waddled out the door (all those layers make a person less than agile.) And discovered once we were out there that in fact it was not 8 degrees Fahrenheit — it  was 49 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the way in to dropping Jasmine off at school (and as I experienced the gentle sauna of my many layers) I thought about how sometimes you just can’t improve on the simple low-tech approach. I would have been better off just sticking my head out the window. I don’t know why my weather app was malfunctioning (and I know I’m not the only one to have experienced this problem), but I do know I’ll be utilizing a more primitive approach to determining the outside temperature from now on. It’s called ‘open the window and see.’