Crying from the cold


Photo,  -7 °F,  by Annette Marie Hyder

It has been so cold that it has literally brought tears to my eyes and streaming down my cheeks — just my body (eyes specifically) protecting itself against the drying effects of the cold.

I wanted to take a photo to send to my mom so I could tell her “Look Mom! Your little girl — crying in the cold!” (I know, right? I am such a great daughter!)

I haven’t gotten a good enough one yet but I did get this one in which, I really think, my eye looks like a stylized bird profile (beak facing right).

Cold fire

I am getting the ‘white carpet’ treatment
everywhere I go today.
Sparkles fall like confetti
twinkling in the winter sunlight
and cause me to reflect
on the way that even the coldest things
contain a fire of their own
and how sometimes it is hard to distinguish
between the bite of frost
and the toothy grin of searing heat.
— Annette Marie Hyder