Ross Van Gough; Oil, 2011, Painting, Autumn Under Water

Autumn leaves float on the surface of the water, caught mid-twirl
a kaleidoscopic unfurling
a breeze-tossed, water-kissed tease.
You know how when the sun shines through a dress
and makes it translucent
how you can see
every previously hidden curve
highlighted shimmeringly?
Well that is what you do to me.
You are the sun and I am the water
wearing a dress of leaves. — Annette Marie Smith

She Said

Bring me moonlight
in the cup of your hands.
I will breathe
on the mirror of its surface
wavelet its milky depths
with my breath
lap each pearl of moon bead
from your fingers,
from your palm.
Bring me night’s breath
to stir my curtains.
Bring me stirrings
from the deepest woods
to wear around my neck
like necklaces sinuously
snaking as they sparkle
between my breasts.
Bring me a crown of stars
captured from the deer-licked lawn
a fitting diadem
to wear until the dawn. — Annette Marie Smith

Shells are the bones of the sea

and that is why you can hear chanting
like ghostly whispers from the other side
undulating against your ear
when you hold a shell up to it.
And salt is the sea’s kiss.
Once you’ve tasted it
you can’t imagine even the simplest joys of life without it.
The moonlight on the sea is heart’s own memory
peeking through ragged clouds and gracing
even Charybdis swells with grace.
You are a metaphor made up of longing
strong enough to pull a tide and raise the dead,
to shake seashell bones and tumble pearls from their tight beds and yet
quietly lap at the edges of my dreams leaving me
to wake with the lessons of salt and mystery
upon my lips. — Annette Marie Smith

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