The moon flowers

The moon flowers in the night sky
a great saucer of silver petals
backlit by lightning bug stars. — Annette Marie Smith


47th Anniversary of the Moon Landing


Oh moon,
we have loved you so much
that it was not enough
for us to open our windows for your light to stream through
and conversely bar them against you.
It was not enough for us to tilt and sway on oceans moving to the rhythm of you
but we also internalized your wild music in the rhythms of our bodies.
We have painted our greatest works of art
with your colors, lambent, secret, and silver,
given you the creditblame for our insanity
and love. We have always admitted that love comes
shyly on moonlit feet
and thunderously like the opposite of eclipse.
We have longed for you in such a way
that crossing the darkest and deepest ocean
of space
was something, just one of many things,
that we would moonstruckingly do
for you. — Annette Marie Smith