Sunglints hitch a ride on snowflakes falling softly,
cause them to sparkle like earring-sized disco balls,
like lapel pins for brownies; crown jewels for a Clara crown.
looking like a miniature goddess left her jewelry box unattended
and every fairy with mischievous hands and a magpie eye for bright
pilfered her box and showered her gems to the ground.
— Annette Marie Smith


Photoallegory by Sarolta Bán.

By Annette Marie Smith

Despite all his efforts
the snow continued to fall
and he remained in bear form
and his one true love remained
a bird.

The snow fell, obliterating
the words to the reversal spell
faster than he could read them
and commit them to memory.

The pages beneath his heavy paws finally slipped
into the surrounding snow
and disappeared.

His one true love looked on him
with a beady eye.

He could only hope that it was the bird
form that made her look
disapproving so.