Sometimes we need tears, many tears

Sometimes we need tears, many tears
tears enough to soak the heavy canvas
of our circumstances
as if that pall were a handkerchief of lightest tissue
pressed down and molded to the curves of the earth.
Let them fall.
And then let more tears fall. Let them fill
the valleys of despair
even the highways of desperation
let them flood. Let there be a great flood
spilling over and let it
lift us
boats that we are
and carry us
until we are ready
to set our new course
prows defiant and using the watery depths
of our own grief
to take us where we want to go.
We are both
our own tears and the ship that sails them.
We are deep and we are powerful.
We dare the places on the maps that say
“There be monsters here.” — Annette Marie Smith

Crying from the cold


Photo,  -7 °F,  by Annette Marie Hyder

It has been so cold that it has literally brought tears to my eyes and streaming down my cheeks — just my body (eyes specifically) protecting itself against the drying effects of the cold.

I wanted to take a photo to send to my mom so I could tell her “Look Mom! Your little girl — crying in the cold!” (I know, right? I am such a great daughter!)

I haven’t gotten a good enough one yet but I did get this one in which, I really think, my eye looks like a stylized bird profile (beak facing right).